This Great Dane might not be allowed on the bed, but this is almost as good YouTube screenshot/Marci M

The pool may be covered up for the fall and winter, but Nessie is still having tons of fun in it. Well, on it.

The Great Dane has long enjoyed jumping and resting on the cover since she was a puppy, according to the video description.

If you’re worried about whether or not it’s safe for her to be jumping around on it, Nessie’s owner writes that she’s had 10 to 15 people on it at least a couple of times.

“A tornado once smashed my fence and a three storey pine tree into it; never has a hole, a tear, or anything dangerous occurred,” Nessie’s owner wrote. “I installed this new one and designed this set up specifically to keep animals (and people) safe. I never encourage her or anyone to play on it and prefer it if they don’t, however I do trust it when it happens and am always there with Nessie.”

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