A massive mystery cat was spotted recently–across the street from a Wendy’s restaurant in rural Mississippi.

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“That is a massive cat,” says David Sluder, who witnessed the beast near the eatery. “I can assure you this is not a house cat,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “It looks to be the same size as a medium to large dog.”

While officials say panthers and other big cats have been extinct for 100 years in the state, they allowed that a cat this large may have been “passing through.”

“Most biologists credit these sightings to misidentification, released exotic pets or [rarely] animals passing through from places like Texas where lions still live,” the Mississippi State University Extension Service says.

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All of which makes this big cat sighting very big news in one very small community.

This massive cat might have drank one too many Frostys Facebook/David Sluder
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