Lindsey Partridge was traveling with her three horses to a competition in Kentucky recently when she decided to test just how flexible a motel’s pet-friendly policy was.

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After seeing other guests check into their rooms with dogs in tow, she jokingly posed the question to the clerk: Could she bring her horse inside?

“The lady at the desk just said, ‘Oh yeah, I wouldn’t care, go ahead, bring your horse in,'” Partridge, who buys retired racehorses and trains them at her facility east of Toronto, Canada, told The Canadian Press.

Partridge brought her horse, Blizz — who races under the name Here Comes Adri — into the motel room. At first, the thoroughbred didn’t know what to make of the situation when she was led through the lobby. But once her owner got her settled into a room, she got more comfortable with the (admittedly ridiculous) situation.

“And then when we were in the hotel room, she thought it was the best thing ever because I was just sharing cookies with her on the bed,” Partridge said.

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Partridge says she hopes the episode will shed light on just how docile racehorses can be, because they sometimes get a bad rap for being “temperamental.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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