When her grandmother was recently hospitalized, Shelby Hennick did what any good granddaughter would do: she smuggled her grandma’s dog into the hospital.

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Despite a hospital rule banning animals, Hennick knew how much her grandmother had been missing the little ruffian, named Patsy. Grandma had been in the hospital for three days due to an adverse reaction to a medication and missed Patsy dearly.

So Hennick wrapped the small doggie up and held it in such a way, underneath a large blanket slung over one shoulder, that it looked like she was carrying a baby. This allowed Hennick to sneak the dog into her grandmother’s hospital room with the hospital staff none the wiser.

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The plan went off perfectly, and judging from these pictures of grandma reunited with her dog, Hennick’s gesture was greatly appreciated.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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