This intriguing Kruger Sightings video, showing a male rhino thwarting a mother and her calf from getting to a watering hole, was recorded in South Africa’s vast Kruger National park by 50 year old tourist name Beryl St. Arnaud, who told — a website that complies captivating wildlife videos recorded in Kruger National Park — about the events leading up to her capturing the footage.

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“‘It was during a drought and everything was so dry so it was particularly heartbreaking to see the male bully the mom and baby so much, when they were clearly walking together as a family,” St. Arnaud said. “We are all pretty used to noises of ellies [elephants] and other animals, but what struck me, in particular, was the grunts and the moans from the baby. Never before had I heard rhino noises,” she added.

“Rhino sightings are not that rare in this Park, but the confrontation and displays of male dominance were unique and a first for us,” said St. Arnaud, who was obviously emotionally affected by the incident and found the mother rhino’s struggle to protect her child relatable. “The fact that she would rather submit and face a thirsty afternoon than face the male?s wrath was amazing.”

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