A woman in Calabasas, Calif. was in for quite a surprise when she approached a strange object in her backyard.

Carla Rosso was relaxing by the pool in her backyard when she went to pick up what she thought was her dog’s toy.

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But as she picked up the item, it suddenly moved, and she quickly realized she was holding a baby rattlesnake.

In the video, shot from her home’s security camera, you can see Rosso react, flinging the snake out of her hands. Her dog gets reacts strongly as well, and they both run away from the snake as quickly as they can.

“It felt a little like a hot dog,” Rosso inexplicably told her local TV station.

The woman and her family, which includes three young girls, are thanking their lucky stars that no one got hurt.

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To quote a classic episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” “watch out for snakes!”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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