A deer was stuck in the ice, and desperately needed help.

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It was a good thing Garrett Cram was around. At the behest of his grandmother, Donna Fletcher, he was summoned to the frozen Arkansas pond, where he bravely rescued the animal.

At first, the deer looks frightened, not sure of what Cram is up to. Then, with his sledgehammer in hand, Cram nears the deer, cracking the ice and falling partially through it on his way — fortunately, he’s equipped with waterproof boots and overalls, and the water doesn’t even reach his waist.

Finally, he is able to grasp the deer and half-slides, half-carries the animal back to shore. The grateful creature even lets Garrett nuzzle it for a moment.

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The family was able to get the animal to dry off and eat some straw and corn. And by the next morning, the deer had disappeared back into the woods.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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