Watch this incredible video of a rhino charging at traffic in India Facebook/North-East of India

Apparently, this event happens around India’s Kaziranga National Park quite regulrly.

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But that doesn’t explain why motorists in this crazy video were going a little nuts themselves when they encountered a giant, charging rhinoceros in the roadway recently.

According to a comment made by the North-East of India Facebook page, rainy seasons are rife with animals-on-the-road scenarios.

Facebook/North-East of India

In the video, you can see one car back up in a panic when face-to-face with the massive animal. It nearly hits another car in its haste to get away.

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Hopefully, no animals (or cars) were hurt in the making of this video, which provides for one awesome sight indeed.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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