One Alabama mom is probably not going to get a “Mother of the Year” award.

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Jennifer White and her daughters were visiting Harmony Safari Park in Madison County, Ala., when they stopped by a kangaroo enclosure.

White decided to shoot a video on her phone of her 3-year-old and 9-year-old in front of the cage, despite the area featuring numerous signs that say “I bite.”

In the video, the older daughter, named Cheyenne, seems to interact with the kangaroo, gesturing toward it. All of a sudden, the kangaroo reaches out with two hands and draws the girl near, biting her on the head.

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Cheyenne received 14 stitches in her head. Her mom defended her parenting, pointing the finger at the park.

“[The fence is] real thin,” she told “It’s right here. You can clearly see it or pet it or it could touch you, which makes you feel more, like, safe. And I think children not being able to access the animal by reach or the animal to the children would help a whole lot.”

Watch this kangaroo bite a kid in front of a sign that says “I bite” NBC4i video screenshot
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