A dog on a leash is no match for a preening swan at a park in Strasbourg, France.

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In this video, the pup is looking to make nice with a large white swan. But the swan, who arches its neck and unfurls its wings, is not so interested.

Watch as the bird starts to nip at the dog, who in return, bucks and wants none of it.

At one point, the dog even tries to get out of its collar, it looks so terrified.

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The dog owner, meanwhile, looks bemused and seems to be OK with this flagrant fowl’s nasty manners. This may have been the right choice. According to the video description, “the dog’s owner makes the right decision in not fleeing from the swan. Showing an act of dominance may have prevented the swan from physically attacking them.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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