Watching this gaucho tame a wild horse will give you the goosebumps YouTube/BBC Earth

Gauchos in South America are known for their bravery in the ring, and no more is it apparent than in this BBC Earth clip.

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In the clip, this cowboy tries to tame a wild mare in Patagonia, Argentina.

At first, the horse bucks and trots around the ring, oblivious to the gaucho’s attempts to rein it in. But slowly, the animal begins to trust the man as he slowly moves in.

After a few pats, and a few licks (on the horse’s part), the man saddles him up, eager to successfully tame the wild beast.

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The gaucho says riding the horse is “his biggest satisfaction,” but watching this video proves just as rewarding.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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