Watching two elephants’ reactions to “Bach Concerto” will absolutely fill your heart with joy

There are some reactions you just can’t predict. This is definitely one of them.

Eleanor Bartsch was warming up for her performance of the “Bach Concerto for Two Violins” with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in Baraboo, Wis., when she decided to go outside and play for Kelly and Viola.

“I found out that elephants REALLY like Bach…,” she wrote on YouTube.

It looks that way to us, too! Watch as they sway their trunks, together, to Bartsch’s beautiful performance. The elephants are 44 and 45-years-old, and have lived together for most of their lives.

Allie Caren About the author:
Allie Caren is the Rare People editor. Follow her on Twitter @alLISTENc.
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