If anyone knows a thing or two about stress, it’s law students. One Iowa school brought in a cute, but unexpected, guest to help its students get some much needed relief.

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Andy Grewal (@AndyGrewal) an Iowa Law School student tweeted a picture of a picture of the pet therapy duck, Webster, with whom students could pet and play with.

The cute creature was understandably a hit on campus and on Twitter.

User Nick Kilburg tweeted, “Clearly you?ve never experienced the relief those limpid eyes and soft feathers can provide. Not to mention a soulful ‘quack’ now and again,” in response to Grewal’s image.

Actor John Cusack joined the discussion on the quacky therapist, tweeting “See, now when I am king – they won’t be called therapy ducks – just ducks.”

According to an article from Des Moines KCCI, Webster has already made a name for himself in Adel, Iowa. The therapy duck makes three visits a week to provide therapeutic services all around town. Some of the places he works at include a residential facility for people dealing with mental illnesses, a nursing home and a camp for children.

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His owner, Philip Blanchard, shared with KCCI that the mallard duck didn’t plan on being anything other than a family pet, until his owner enrolled in the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s TheraPet program. According to his owner, the duck is definitely a people person; he even had a Facebook page.


?He’s always been so personable. [Webster] loves to be social and out and about,” Blanchard said.

“Just the joy on their face to be able to pet something that’s different than a cat or a dog and feel how soft his feathers are,? he continued.

We agree; everyone should be able to pet a therapy duck because this one is absolutely adorable!

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