Warning: this video contains graphic content.

This horrifying footage shows the moment a swimmer was bitten by a small but stubborn nurse shark. As the video begins, the swimmer — a Floridian named Ervin Maccarty, according to The Daily Mail—  is climbing onto a boat. He appears to be holding the small shark, but it is quickly revealed that the shark actually has its powerful jaws clamped around his belly.

In an attempt to remove the shark Maccarty’s companions are forced to use a knife in order to cut the deadly animal away from their friend’s abdomen. Maccarty can be heard screaming, “Don’t cut me, don’t bleed him out on me,” as they try in desperation try to pull the sea creature away.

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Lying on his back, writhing around in intense pain, he grabs a hold of the shark’s fin as a buddy sinks a sharp blade into its mouth and tries to chop it off. Another friend can be heard yelling: “He didn’t get your penis, did he?” as blood drips down Maccarty’s stomach and onto the floor of the boat.

“Stab him, stab the shark,” a woman shouts off camera. The shark eventually releases its grip, but then bites Maccarty for a second time. However, the second attack is much shorter than the first, and the dead shark soon flops to the ground as Maccarty’s friends hose him down. “It’s just a hicky!” the unidentified woman yells as her visibly relieved friend regains his composure.

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