A kitten got quite a ride through Central Florida one morning.

Penny Musick said when she got to her job in Orlando from Deltona, she heard meowing in the parking lot.

“I work in an office building and there have been stray cats around the building in the past, so I thought it was that,” Musick said in an email.

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She said she noticed the meowing was louder near the back of her car.

“I had heard of animals crawling underneath the carriage of vehicles in the past, so I started looking under the back of my car,” she said. “Then it meowed again as I was under the back and I saw its little face peering out of the end of my bumper.”

Musick said she ran to her office to get Chex Mix to try to coax the kitten out of the bumper.

Her coworkers also stepped in to help.

Musick, her coworkers and her sister-in-law were able to get the kitten out but it bit her sister-in-law’s hand and ran off.

Musick said she was hoping she could take the kitten home and hopes it’s safe.