Herpetologist Find Snake Optical Illusion

Can you spot the snake in this photo? Jerry David of Texas was out in the woods one day when he spotted something well-hidden on the ground. His photo of a camouflaged snake has been passed around the Internet, going viral when Twitter user Helen was sent the photo by a herpetologist friend. Helen is studying snake biology at FIT.

Herpetologists, or reptile and amphibian scientists, often make a game of heading out into nature to find species in the wild. Oftentimes, “herping” is done at night with headlamps. Snake hooks are used by trained individuals in the field to better inspect the animals, which are then left to be on their merry way.

snake photoCan you find the snake?

Obviously it is well camouflaged, and best guess is you’re looking for something that’s a light brown color, blending in with the leaves.

Want a hint? Look in the center of the photograph.

Still no luck?

If you’re still struggling to spot the slithering reptile, Twitter user Helen outlined the snake for us. But if you’re not ready to give up just yet, then don’t scroll down!

hidden snake
The copperhead snake is native to eastern parts of the U.S. and it is venomous, meaning wayfarer hikers beware! As one Twitter user commented, birders especially, who tend to have their heads turned up to the clouds, should be aware of low-lying dangerous animals like the copperhead.

hidden copperheadCopperheads are often found in leaf piles. If they’re native to your region, be sure to take caution when playing in the leaves!

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