It wasn’t the wilds of Colorado but a neighborhood in Atlanta where a black bear dared to show its face — freaking out the entire community.

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A video, taken by a child, shows the bear scampering about the Woodstock neighborhood, which abuts a wooded area.

Resident Sharis Meyer couldn’t believe the news when she was told to be on the lookout for a bear (and to get any small pets inside, on the double).

“I couldn’t believe it. I first thought someone was kidding me,” she told Channel 2 Action News. “A bear in the neighborhood? You got to be kidding me.”

Soon after the video was shot, the bear disappeared into the nearby brush.

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Wildlife experts say bears are seldom threatening unless they are protecting their young. But they did caution to make sure and keep any food inside the house.

“You got to be kidding me”: A bear runs through the neighborhood Twitter/WSB-TV
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