A country star stands proud with his brother in the face of addiction Instagram/@canaansmitha

Country star Canaan Smith opened up in a big way through an Instagram post this week. The photo is a shot of Canaan and his brother, Andrew, standing arm in arm and smiling at the camera. These guys are absolutely glowing, and Canaan’s caption lets us know the reason behind those grins.

He writes, “3 months ago, my brother was losing a battle with addiction. Today he graduates from rehab and is kicking its ass!!! Amen! Love you, Dropsy!  #real #life #proud #family.”

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During a recent interview with Rare Country, Canaan revealed that both Andrew and his brother Ben have made the move to Nashville in the past few months.

He says, “It’s cool to have them around. Family is really important to me. If I need something, they’re there.”


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Canaan’s mom and sister also live nearby in Music City.

“Only my dad and one of my older brothers aren’t here now,” Canaan explains. “They live in Florida. It’d be cool to all be in the same town again.”


Canaan shares his home in Nashville with his lovely wife, Christy. She’s the inspiration for his sexy new single, “Like You That Way.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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