We’ve loved Blake Shelton forever. OK, maybe not forever, but at least for 15 years. Because it was Aug. 11, 2001 that Blake’s debut single, “Austin,” topped Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart, beginning his journey to becoming a household name.

The song truly stands the test of time. Blake even still performs the song during his current sets as you can see in this video.

One thing that was a lot less timeless though is the look that Blake was sporting 15 years ago for his self-titled debut album — a classic curly mullet.

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During a recent appearance on “Today,” even Blake couldn’t believe how he looked. As an old photo of the country star flashed on the screen, Blake exclaimed, “I mean, that is ridiculous. Why didn’t my family or friends tell me how stupid I looked?”

Host Al Roker tried to console him saying, “At the time it looked cool.” Blake quipped, “At what time did that look cool, Al?”

During the interview segment after his performance as part of the show’s Summer Concert Series, Blake revealed that life got a lot better after he cut his mullet. They flashed a photo of him with the trendy do and he jokingly implored them, “Oh my gosh, take that picture down. People are just waking up. You’re ruining their day!”

Blake’s “Today” visit was part of a series of appearances in New York where it seems they all managed to bring up his signature mullet.

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Even the night before, Seth Meyers got in on the action. Seth held up a photo of a very young mulleted Blake and said, “I’ve seen people with mullets before, but I’ve never seen anyone that happy about it, to which the country star replied, “I was not getting laid back then.”

Fortunately, while Blake did change his hair, he didn’t alter his fun-loving and charming personality or his incredible musical style. And while the beginning of his career found some of his songs hitting and a few missing, in the past few years, he’s had nothing but hits — a streak of 17 No. 1 hits to be exact.

By the way, Blake’s first single was supposed to be a song called “I Wanna Talk About Me.” As you may already know, that song went on to become a hit for Toby Keith. Still, can’t you hear Blake singing it — especially with that classic mullet of his.

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