It’s always great when our favorite celebrity couples post something cute on social media. But, what’s even better is hearing about those moments from the stars themselves.

For Blake Shelton, the list of sweet memories he’s made with girlfriend Gwen Stefani goes on and on, but there’s one in particular that he can’t seem to forget.

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On Dec. 15, the Rare Country Award “ale Artist of the Year appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and opened up about the time when Gwen brought him to her hometown of Anaheim, California.

Blake said, “She took me to Disneyland and then she drove me down the street to the house that she grew up in, and then the house that they used where they basically created No Doubt and wrote a lot of the songs and rehearsed everyday. It’s on Beacon Street down there. I got to see all of that stuff.”

Shefani’s trip to Anaheim took place on Oct. 12, ahead of their 1-year dating anniversary. Although Blake was excited to see Disneyland, he more excited to learn about Gwen’s neck of the woods.

“It was so interesting,” Blake raved, “Here’s why, because the houses have now been sold, [and Gwen] was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s my house!’ She jumps out of the car, and she’s standing in these random people’s lawn, that may not even know they live in the house that she grew up in, and she’s taking selfies in front of it, and it’s cool!”

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Blake says that the new residents who currently occupy the property were at home, but they never came outside to say hello.

“It was so weird, all you saw was curtains,” he said. “You remember the movie, ‘The Burbs’? It was like that. They were looking, [through the curtain,] and then they would shut it.”

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