Brett Eldredge just shaved his beard and the ladies have lost their minds Instagram/Brett Eldredge
Instagram/Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge always makes the list when it comes to country music’s hottest guys, so why is he messing with his signature look?

The heartthrob sent his fans into a tizzy when he posted a picture of himself on Instagram shaving his beard for his new video, “Wanna Be That Song.” It turns out the clean-shaven look freaked Brett out, too. Here’s a look at baby faced Brett from the Best Cellars Dinner benefit for the T.J. Martell Foundation in Nashville on April 25.

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Brett tells Rare Country, “It freaked me out when I first did it, ’cause I haven’t seen my face, like, my whole career has been with a beard. So, all the fans were so freaked out, ’cause all they’ve ever known — they don’t even think about me having a beard, I just have a beard.”

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As is typical of country fans, they had some pretty strong opinions of Brett losing his facial hair.

He adds, “There’s all these mixed reviews. Like, ‘Oh my God! What did you do?’ Or some people are like, ‘I love it! Keep it!'”

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Don’t expect Brett to start keeping a new batch of razors on his tour bus, though. He expects to be sporting a full beard again in no time.

“It’ll grow back regardless. I think I like a scruffy look anwyay,” Brett explains. “So, I think I’ll go back to that. But it’s fun to be clean-shaven and be a kid again. Makes you feel so fresh and so clean!”

Look for Brett’s clean-shaven baby face to show up in the “Wanna Be That Song” video soon.

Of note, we caught up with Brett at the CMA Foundation’s first-ever CMA Music Teacher of Excellence ceremony in Nashville. Fifty music teachers in the Metro Nashville School system were recognized at the event and received $2,000 grants from the CMA Foundation. Brett also welcomed his music teacher from Paris, Illinois, Judy Carroll, to join him at the event.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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