Carrie Underwood absolutely nails this performance of her hypnotic new hit Ellentube screenshot
Ellentube screenshot

First off, those television studio audiences aren’t nearly as big as they look on TV. So you might think that some entertainers who are used to playing to thousands in stadiums and arenas might be tempted to phone it in for TV appearances. Some stars might do that, but certainly not Carrie Underwood.

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Carrie appeared on the insanely popular “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Sept. 15 to not only sit down to talk with the hilarious talk show host, but also to perform her newest soon-to-be-hit single “Dirty Laundry.” And the in-studio audience was treated to the same level of entertainment that ticket holders to Carrie’s live Storyteller Tour would get. The whole band was there, background singer, flashing lights and, of course, Carrie held nothing back with her powerhouse vocals. She was, in a word, fabulous.

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Can we also add that Carrie has never looked better? The lifelong vegetarian went vegan a few years back, but it isn’t just her diet that has her looking so great. She also is a workout enthusiast with her own fitness apparel line, Calia by Carrie. But as much as we can credit her shapely legs and well-defined arms to those things, we can’t help but notice that the country star has a glow about her that can only be attributed to incredible happiness.

Unless maybe she’s… oh no, we definitely aren’t starting that rumor.

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