Carrie Underwood may be feeling the heat from this adorable, little songbird YouTube screenshot/stacey reid
YouTube screenshot/stacey reid

Country music has taken some twists and turns in the past few years. It hardly sounds like it did 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. Sometimes we wonder what it might sound like years from now. And then sometimes, we find out.

We already knew that Carrie Underwood appeals to all ages. We also know that she inspires all ages, and it appears she has been an inspiration to one toddler who could follow in her footsteps.

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Meet Eva Rose. Besides being one major league cutie-patootie, this curly-haired Shirley Temple look-alike has got quite a set of pipes!

Live from the back of Mom’s car, where she is safely strapped into her car seat, Eva Rose seems pensive as she listens to a Carrie’s remake of the Randy Travis classic, “I Told You So.” She waits for the perfect opportunity to pull her thumb from her lips and begin to belt out the song herself.

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As the video progresses, the thumb comes out and Eva Rose joins in. But, this isn’t just a toddler singing along to a big country hit. She actually softens her voice in the verse and lets it grow stronger in the chorus, much like Carrie does. And while her pitch is close to the country music superstar’s, her passion is exactly like Carrie’s. Eva Rose gestures grandly with her little arm, shakes her head emphatically, and even clutches her little heartbroken chest.

It is simultaneously hilarious and the most precious thing we’ve seen.

Congratulations on winning the internet Eva Rosa’s mom, Stacey. We’ll see y’all in Nashville in a few years! Is it too soon to hold a block of tickets for her Opry debut?

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