Check out the battle scars on this country music road warrior Instagram/@TheJaren

It?s easy to look down upon artists when they talk about how hard life on the road can be. Sitting on a bus for hours on end, sleeping, reading, watching TV, playing music or video games, and letting someone else cook for you all sound pretty relaxing. But, actually, it is looking pretty brutal out there, at least if you look at The Cadillac Three?s Jaren Johnson.

The Cadillac Three just got back on their Black Roses Tour after taking a break for Kelby Ray to tie the knot and lead singer Jaren Johnston to be home with his wife and new baby, Jude. It?s looking like getting back to their road routine is a little more difficult than you might expect.

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In a photo on his Instagram page, Jaren shared a collage showing the battle scars of a true road warrior. The photos include one of a finger covered in blood from the nail to the knuckle and another reveals a black-and-blue and incredibly swollen foot. The third appears to be a hairy appendage with a two-for-one bruise and scratch, while the final photo shows a seemingly exhausted country star.

These entertainers often talk about leaving it all on the stage, but we thought they meant music and energy, not skin and blood. Way to bleed for your art, Jaren.

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Honestly, we wish all of our hardworking country music road warriors safe travels as they cross the country and trek the world to bring us their music.

But somebody get this boy some help.

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