Glen Campbell’s wife shares health update on her beloved husband’s 81st birthday Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

From the moment Glen Campbell told the world about his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis in 2011, country music fans have been concerned about how the sickness would progress and ultimately affect the life of the legend.

That’s what happens when you love someone.

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Luckily, Glen’s wife Kim has been wonderful when it comes to updating fans about his condition. “Today, he is in late stage six or early stage seven (it’s hard to know exactly, as the stages overlap),” Kim shared on the blog on Glen’s 81st birthday on April 22. “Time and place are no longer perceptible to Glen; he lives completely in the moment and seems happy to be there. He laughs and giggles and sings little melodies all day, whether someone is there to hear them or not. I am actually quite inspired by his peace and contentment and am striving to find the same in my own life.”

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Kim goes on to say that she can no longer be sure if Glen actually recognizes anyone anymore. But she does remain inspired by Glen’s overall attitude toward her and everyone he meets.

“My hope of him remembering me is realized only in the rare but powerful moments of lucidity that come and go like the wind in a cruel but cherished tease,” Kim writes. “Even on the days when it seems that he doesn’t know who I am, when I nestle into his arms, he instinctively holds me just like he used to. There must be some magic to muscle memory because as I melt into his embrace, he sighs and squeezes me as if he knows I belong there and is trying to comfort me. I find incredible peace in these moments and I think he does too. Although Glen becomes more and more distant each day, it seems to me that the one thing people with dementia never lose is the ability to love and be loved.”

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