Gwen Stefani seriously hopes her boys don’t take after Blake Shelton on this Entertainment Tonight/YouTube screenshot
Entertainment Tonight/YouTube screenshot

Blake Shelton’s rockstar girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, is no stranger to self-expression. She often showcases her personality with her unique sense of style.

So, we can only assume that her three boys – Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3, – will develop their own personal tastes as they get older. However, these days, it appears as though they’re getting their inspiration from Blake!

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Fans may recall that on April 1, Gwen posted a photo of her kids sporting fake tattoos to match her beau’s forearm tat.

Turns out that Gwen wouldn’t have approved of the picture if the deer tracks surrounded by barbed wire on their arms had been real. The 47-year-old mama recently told “Entertainment Tonight” how she would handle the situation if her sons were to ever get actual ink.

“I don’t know, I feel like my niece just got like a bunch of tattoos and I’m really mad at her,” Gwen said. “She’s 21. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Despite Gwen’s reaction to her niece’s ink, she went on to say that she doesn’t actually have a problem with tattoos, as long as they don’t mirror Blake’s.

“I like tattoos — if my kids wanted to get one, I would hope that we could talk about what it is so that we don’t have big regrets in the future,” Gwen clarified. “Hopefully they won’t get one like Blake’s tattoo.”

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While Gwen isn’t afraid to express her distaste over Blake’s tat, the country crooner also admits that he’s not too keen on his deer-inspired tattoo either.


“I just do things in life sometimes that are really stupid,” Blake once said, while showing his tattoo to radio show host Blair Garner, “The guy that did the tattoo didn’t know what a deer track looked like so I drew him that. Then he put a series of them around my forearm. Everybody seems to think that they look like ladybugs. So that was the first reaction that I got and it’s been consistent ever since then.”

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