Julianne Hough looks gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on her face Instagram/@juleshough

Julianne Hough recently took full advantage of her first full day off work in two months earlier this week.

Instead of getting in full hair and makeup for her weekly appearance as a judge on “Dancing with the Stars,” Julianne decided to just chill out and spend some time with friends on April 24.

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Though most of us probably wouldn’t share a photo of ourselves after we just rolled out of bed for a day off, Julianne took to her Instagram story to show off her crazy bedhead. In the show, her hair looks like a gorgeous blonde lion’s mane.

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It’s definitely not the polished look we’re used to seeing from Julianne, but she still looks beautiful without a stitch of makeup on her face.

“People” captured the images from the video Julianne posted on her Instagram story. She says, “Guys, I didn’t wash my hair last night and this is how I woke up. I wake up like this. Y’all jealous. Woah!”

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