Kelly Clarkson keeps it hilariously real with this Mother’s Day wish Instagram/@klgandhoda

One of the things we love most about Kelly Clarkson is her ability to maintain her superstar status but keep it incredibly real on her social media. The talented Texan often appears in Instagram videos with no makeup, hair in a knot, and even hitting an unexpected sour note in one. It’s easy to see that she has her priorities in order.

It’s also obvious that she has embraced motherhood. After back-to-back difficult pregnancies that were riddled with extreme morning sickness, Kelly’s Instagram and Twitter are filled with images of her precious babies and beautiful stepkids.

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But it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and Kelly doesn’t pretend it is. In fact, in a Mother’s Day video greeting to new mom Hoda Kotb from NBC’s “Today,” the singer-songwriter laid it all out there in the technicolor truth.

With one hand on her face, cradling her chin, and the other clutching a glass of wine, Kelly explained why she was holding that pose. “I’m guarding my face because I have a giant planet on it because for Mother’s Day, I get a giant zit from junior high,” she said laughing. “There wasn’t enough concealer in the world to help this situation, so I’m going to keep my hand here.”

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Kelly continued, “Just so you know, this Mother’s Day you might look real cute, but then to follow, this is what you’re going to get,” She gestured to her unfortunate breakout adding, “Just a haggard hot mess for the rest of the Mother’s Days.”

Cheers to all of the moms we love, zits and all!

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