Kip Moore speaks out about the obsessed fan that simply won’t take no for an answer youtube

Heck, we have all been there.

It?s a brief moment when we get crazy excited at the sight of our favorite country music star, or we share our meet and greet photos and make it our profile pic for a week. But that?s where it ends.

That wasn’t the case for 26-year-old Jenna. She took it a whole lot further.

Featured on an episode of the Dr. Phil show, Jenna took her adoration for country music?s very own Kip Moore to the craziest of levels, including asking for a divorce from her husband and saying that she?s ?never felt something so strongly in my life” than the moment when she shared an after-show “hair-grabbing” hug from Moore.

And what does Moore think about this?

While his team is unavailable for comment on this particular fan, Moore did speak about Jenna during a recent interview during CMA Awards week. ?It?s one of those things that I don?t know about it,? Moore told the Scripps News Service. ?I haven?t looked into it and I don?t know the details on it and what not, so I don?t know… I go out of my way to engage with fans and if you see me after a show, most of the time I am signing. I don?t go straight to my bus. I hang out with them and take pictures with them. I engage with them and sometimes that can be mistaken for other things.?

And is he going to watch the Dr. Phil episode?

?No, I?m not.?

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