Miranda Lambert found new meaning in an old classic in writing her latest hit Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Most of us remember seeing “The Wizard of Oz” as kids and being dazzled by Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and frightened by the “Wicked Witch of the West.” It’s only in watching the movie as adults we realize there is much more to the story than we noticed watching it as kids.

At one time or another we’ve all been like the Lion looking for courage in a scary situation, or the Tin Man looking to get in touch with our own heart and deeper emotions. It’s that last character that struck Miranda Lambert and inspired her to write her brand-new song, “Tin Man.”

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She says, “The Tin Man, I guess, going through a lot of times where I felt empty, I understood [had] a whole new meaning. I mean, how many times have we seen ‘The Wizard Of Oz,’ but it’s something that world shares. everyone knows what the Tin Man represents–cold, and empty, and loneliness, and heartless…and it just opened my eyes to it even more going through pain myself, you know, sort of an epiphany.”

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It just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere for creative people like Miranda.

She adds, “Whatever influenced you the most, at whatever time in your life, somewhere or another comes out in your art.”

“Tin Man” is the latest single from Miranda’s double-album, “The Weight of These Wings,” available now.

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