Miranda Lambert says a fight with her father put things in perspective Getty Images/Ethan Miller
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It may look like a glamorous life, but being a celebrity comes with its own burdens, including an occasional tendency to lose perspective.

That’s what Miranda Lambert revealed to nationally syndicated radio show host Delilah during her first appearance on the show June 2. We already knew that Miranda’s father came up with the title for her current album, “The Weight of These Wings,” but it turns out there’s a back story there.

Miranda said her dad spat out the title in the middle of a fight.

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“We were kind of in an argument,” she revealed. “I was at a show and he was leaving my bus and he said, ‘Well, I had a song title to tell you, but I guess it doesn’t matter now’ … He said ‘The Weight of These Wings’ and shut the door.”

Both the argument, and the song title, resonated with her. “That just hit me so hard because we were playing a stadium … and it was a huge moment, but [I realized] none of it matters if you’re not on good terms with your family,” she said. “That’s a huge deal to me … My dad and mom have been there every step of the way for me from when I first had this dream, but it comes with consequences … If you’re successful you also have to sacrifice some things.”

Later in the interview she added, “I don’t care about any of the glitz and glamour. I just really love the music and getting to do it with people I love. Sometimes you have to regroup and put it all in perspective, because it’s an amazing life I get to have.”

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During the interview Miranda also said she hopes to make a third album with her group Pistol Annies next year. Working together, she said, is “like a big slumber party but we actually make records. We get to make music and paint our nails at the same time.”


Although band member Ashley Monroe is pregnant and fellow band member Angaleena Presley recently put out a solo record, Miranda said, “We’ve been group texting … So once everyone gets their crap together in 2018 we’re slumber partying again.”

The full interview is available to listen to as a free podcast here.

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