One listen to this hot new country trio’s Grand Ole Opry debut and you will be hooked Grand Ole Opry/YouTube screenshot
Grand Ole Opry/YouTube screenshot

The Grand Ole Opry is a place where magic is made. In fact, country music fans from all over the country and even the world descend on its hallowed halls to see, hear and experience this magic first hand.

And while much of the magic is made by country music’s biggest stars, every once in a while an audience will have the honor of seeing, hearing and experiencing that magic with a brand-new country act.

And sometimes, that’s all those artists will need to put them over the top.

Just ask Runaway June.

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The hot new country trio that everyone is talking about took their first steps onto the Grand Ole Opry stage on Oct. 18 and documented the special moment in this Rare Country video exclusive.

“The biggest honor an artist can have is to stand on this stage,” said an emotional Naomi Cooke on that special night, who, alongside fellow members Jennifer Wayne (yes, John’s granddaughter) and Hannah Mulholland, make up Runaway June.

Their Opry Debut video chronicles the day for the band, from the moment they walked into their Grand Ole Opry dressing room to the moment they realized that they had been sent flowers by none other than Charlie Daniels to that intimate moment when the three took their first steps into that famous circle during rehearsal.

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“You dream about that your whole life as a musician and a country singer,” gushed Hannah. “So, to have that chance for all of us to step into that circle together is crazy.”

But just a few hours later, they did it again – not only stepping into the circle in front of an adoring crowd to perform their rising hit “Lipstick,” but also stepping into the forefront as one of country music’s most intriguing and amazingly talented new acts.

And in case you were wondering, they were invited back. And we have a feeling they will keep getting invited back, over and over and over again.

Tricia Despres is the contributing editor for Rare Country, based out of Chicago, Illinois. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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