RaeLynn reveals the moment she knew she was turning into her mother Instagram/@raelynnofficial

RaeLynn grew up in Texas, so it’s no surprise she knows all about big hair. In fact, she used to watch her mother, Callie, jack her hair up really high before church on Sundays.

RaeLynn tells Rare Country, “For church, she would curl her hair — all these big curls, and then she’d brush ’em out, and then she’d bend over and tease ’em and then she’d come back up and have this mane. I remember saying I would never do that to my hair. It’s so much work.”

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It wasn’t long before RaeLynn broke that vow, though.

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My beautiful momma. 💜

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She says, “A couple years ago I was curling my hair, bent over, started teasing it, came up and I go, ‘Oh my God, I’m just like my mother!’ I thought that. I thought I would never do this.”

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Big hair isn’t the only thing RaeLynn has in common with her mama. They both have the ability to win over a room very quickly with their big personalities.


Says RaeLynn, “My mom can go into a room and make everybody love her. I definitely get that from her. That’s such an amazing thing.”

RaeLynn is different from Callie in other ways. For example, she doesn’t freak out like her mother does over losing her phone or misplacing her keys.

She says, “I don’t stress out over little things that she gets so worked up over. Like, if she lost her phone, she’d be like, ‘Oh my God! Somebody stole it!’ Next level. I’m just like, ‘It’s a phone.’ Those are things that don’t stress me out.”


RaeLynn sings about a tough moment in her relationship with her parents on her latest hit, “Love Triangle.” It’s all about the conflict a child feels when her parents have divorced, and she has to play the go-between. “Love Triangle” is included on RaeLynn’s album “WildHorse,” out now.

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