RaeLynn shares photos of her romantic reunion with her hot husband, Josh Instagram/@RaeLynnOfficial

They spent 76 days apart. Following RaeLynn as she counted down the days until she saw her newly enlisted husband, Joshua Davis, again, was enough to melt even the most hardened heart. But the last weekend in April, the couple, who have just been married a year, were reunited — and it felt so good!

On her Instagram page, RaeLynn first shared a photo of the pair at last year’s Radio Disney Awards. She thanked them for this year’s nomination and explained she wasn’t attending because she was about to see Josh for the first time since he began his basic training.

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After their reunion, she shared a couple of sweet photos of the pair as they got reacquainted. In the first, Josh, who was previously seen sporting a well-groomed beard and mustache, is now clean-shaven but still as handsome as ever. The petite singer-songwriter shared her poignant thoughts on seeing her husband again. She wrote, “Some people look up to their heroes. I’m in love with mine.”

Back on the military base and preparing for Josh’s next assignment, Rae shared another image of the couple embracing in front of a military transport truck. She shared a little more of what the couple had done during their weekend together and it seems that they ate — A LOT. She wrote, “A lot of burgers, Hot Cheetos, poundcake, Starbucks and love these last 3 days.” She also revealed that it would now be a month until the couple gets to see each other again.

But, one month is nothing after three months apart, right?

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RaeLynn and Josh have been tight-lipped about the details of Josh’s military service. The location of his basic training was not disclosed and they have not mentioned where his advanced training will take place or where he might be stationed, but it may be too early for that. What we can determine from Josh’s beret is that it appears he is proudly serving in the Army.

It doesn’t matter. We thank you, Joshua Davis, for your commitment to serve your country.

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