Steve Harvey defends country music in this hilarious clip Steve Harvey/YouTube screenshot
Steve Harvey/YouTube screenshot

A female audience member seized her on camera moment on a recently resurfaced episode of daytime talk show “Steve Harvey.”

And, we have to admit. It just made our day.

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During the show’s “Ask Steve” segment, a black and Filipino woman brought up the relationship between race and country music. She explained to show host Steve Harvey that not only was her Caucasian hubby “the whitest white guy you’ll ever meet,” but he’s also a big fan of country music, too.

“He loves his Garth Brooks, he loves George Strait and Reba McEntire. He’s always trying to get me to listen to country music, but I can’t,” said the woman in frustration.

Admitting that the musical genre is, in her opinion, too “depressing” and “slow,” and saying that she couldn’t twerk or “drop it down low and bring it back up,” the woman begged the question, “Why do white people love country music so much?”

Turns out, Steve was the wrong person to ask. Stunned by the woman’s perception, he admitted that he loved country music.

“I like it because I like the words. I like the lyrics. They’re lyrically correct songs. You say it’s too slow, but sit your ass down somewhere. Learn yourself something. The stuff be true,” said Steve.

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Steve made sure to shed light on songs like “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” telling the woman that he actually had an ex who lived there. He even drove his point home by busting out the two-step.

Watch the hilarious clip above.

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