Toby Keith just released his most unapologetic music video ever YouTube/Toby Keith Vevo
YouTube/Toby Keith Vevo

Not that Toby Keith has ever apologized for any statements he’s made, at least those of a social or political nature, but he?s really jacked up the ante with the release of his newest song and video. And we kind of love that about him.

?Wacky Tobaccy? is about exactly what you would expect it to be about?marijuana. And in this hilarious new video, he extols the virtue of firing up a doobie with every possible pot-smoking cliché there is. Toby goes through the laundry list of methods of smoking, including one-hitters, magic brownies and improvising with a beer can. Yeah, it sounds like Toby and his team know what they?re talking about.

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And no video about weed would be complete without an appearance from Willie Nelson. And he does, of course, pop out of the bus’ bathroom with a joint just as Toby goes through a virtual catalog of some of his favorite varieties of weed available.

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Of course, this isn?t the first time Toby and Willie have collaborated. The pair starred in the movie ?Beer for My Horses? back in 2008. But, even before that, there was Toby?s popular song, ?Weed With Willie,? from the album ?Shock?N Y?all,? which was inspired by a visit  Toby and songwriter Scotty Emerick paid to Willie?s bus after a show.

And we all know it wasn?t just pizza they were sharing.

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