Watch as Luke Bryan gets the scare of his life — courtesy of the Buck Commander guys YouTube

Luke Bryan got quite the surprise on a Buck Commander hunting trip, and thankful for us, the boys got it all on video.

Bo Dottely, cameraman for the Buck Commander video series that features Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, played the ultimate prank on an unsuspecting Luke by hiding a rat inside his backpack.

You read that right — a real live rat. The look on Luke’s face when he reaches in and jumps back is beyond priceless.

“There’s a friggin’ rat in this bag,” Bryan yells. “A friggin’ sewer rat!”

Luke’s biggest mistake was when he tried to make friends with the rodent. At first, his new furry friend makes a break for it, lunging for the open window. But when Bryan scoops him back up, he goes on the attack and crawls all over the superstar first peeing down his back and then biting him on the finger.

“I’m fixin’ to have Stage 3 rabies!”

Luke could not contain his laughter as he tried to explain the incident to the camera after-the-fact with Jason Aldean sitting next to him providing side commentary and the obligatory mocking.

Oh, boys will be boys.

Based in Chicago but often in Nashville, Ken Churilla is a contributor for Rare Country. Follow him @KenChurilla and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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