Watching Thomas Rhett do pullups is the hottest thing you’ll see all day YouTube screenshot

It’s time to drop everything you’re doing and watch Thomas Rhett in action at the gym.

Rare Country is proud to bring you the first installment in Thomas’ new #IFeelGoodChallenge series with Snap Fitness.

Always one of country music’s fittest stars, Thomas asked his fans to submit fitness challenges for him to complete in the gym. The first lucky winner is Joy Brown, who requested Thomas do 15 pullups.

As you’ll recall, Thomas fell off the stage during a concert over the weekend and bruised his ribs. He’s doing OK, but is he up to the challenge of 15 pullups?

Before heading into the gym, Thomas said, “We’re gonna see if I can knock this out. Hopefully, y’all enjoy this. We’ll see you inside.”

From there, Thomas went into superhero mode and did those 15 pullups in no time flat. You can see a big sense of accomplishment in the smile on Thomas’ face after he completed the task.

Are there more Snap Fitness fan challenges on the way? Stay tuned to Thomas Rhett’s social media accounts for further details.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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