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Oh how we love Luke Bryan, let us count the ways. Yes, that sweet, handsome and very talented Georgia boy inspires the poet, albeit a bad one, in us. But we?re only going to count five of the ways we love this down-to-earth Georgia boy, because honestly? If we counted all of the reasons, we?d be here forever.

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Yes, he does stumble, tumble and, occasionallym fall flat, but just like a rubber ball, he comes bouncing back to us. The simple fact that he always gets back up with a ?the show must go on? attitude and a flash of those pearly whites, is reason enough to earn one of the spots on the list of reasons we love him.

Another great thing we love about this southern gentleman is the love, respect and support he shows for his friends. Heck, he stuck his neck out so far for one of his college buddies that he took him out on the road as one of his opening acts. Good thing he did, otherwise it may have been a few years before we ever heard of sweet Cole Swindell!

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Oh yes, there?s a big ole bunch of reasons to love Luke, but we abbreviated the list in this special edition of Rare Country?s 5. We?ve shared a couple with you here, but check out our new video to see the complete short list and then help us out.

Let us know your biggest reason to love Luke Bryan in the comments below, and tune in later this week for more of Rare Country?s 5!

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