You have to listen to Kelly Clarkson’s recording fail while in the studio Instagram/@KellyClarkson

Country, pop and rock music fans are all excited to hear that Kelly Clarkson is back in the recording studio working on new music. In a magical way, Kelly has managed to transcend all barriers, and music lovers of all genres tend to count themselves as fans. Perhaps it’s because of her heart-stopping voice.

Or maybe it’s because of her zany sense of humor. Especially when that heart-stopping voice fails her. And, believe it or not, sometimes it does.

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On April 10, Kelly shared a little video of herself laying down a vocal track. As the pretty Texas girl was about to go in for the big note, the oomph needed to drive it home gave way and the big note became more of a weak crow, catching Kelly totally by surprise.

She immediately steps back from the mic in utter shock, then asks her camera man to make a loop of the vocal disaster, and her sound engineer does as well. When she hears it back, she collapses to her knees, hysterical with laughter.


It’s too hard to not laugh along with her, so go ahead.

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Now, it appears Kelly might be battling a cold or seasonal allergies since after the misfire she clears her throat and pops a candy or lozenge into her mouth. We aren’t making excuses for her, or maybe we are. Kelly has that quality where we want to be best friends with her, and you always have your friend’s back — or throat.

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