You’ve got to see Thomas Rhett’s 27th birthday gift from wife Lauren Instagram/@ThomasRhettAkins

It’s a pretty busy time for Thomas Rhett. He continues to crank out hit after hit, dates were added to his super successful 2017 Home Team Tour before it even started, he and wife Lauren are adopting one baby and are pregnant with a little girl, and he has a pair of nominations at the ACM Award on April 2.

Oh yeah, and March 30 marked his 27th birthday. And being the awesome wife that she is, Lauren got her handsome and talented hubs a fine gift that not only reflected his personality, but also staked claim to his destiny and ensure his comfort while fulfilling that destiny.

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In an photo on his Instagram page, T-Rhett poses in front of a vast window, perhaps overlooking the Las Vegas landscape, in a leopard, plush robe. On the back of the robe in glittering gold letters it says, “Daddy.” In his message, the country star writes, “Married 4 years. Alive for 27. This is hands down the best gift I have ever been given.”

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There’s no doubt in our minds that the gift he’s referring to is being a daddy. And even if he is presented with both of those ACM awards that he’s nominated for, we’re betting that even that will pale in comparison to the babies that will present themselves this fall.

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