“Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons appeared as a guest on this “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” episode and helped the host with a very special segment that involved Parsons reading out funny-sounding words.

First, Kimmel noted that a team of researchers in Britain had discovered that the word ‘booty’ was the funniest word in the English language. To test this, some of Kimmel’s crew went out onto the streets of Los Angeles, said the word ‘booty’ to random people and recorded their reactions.

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Hardly anyone laughed, so Kimmel went ahead and devised his own list of funny words.

Parsons entered the stage to assist the host in the segment, and the pair read out words like ‘canoodle,’ ‘cockpit,’ ‘bigly,’ ‘Uranus,’ ‘nuts,’ ‘Cumberbatch,’ ‘wenis’ and ‘Reince Priebus.’

Parsons got to say the final word, which was obviously, ‘Bazinga!’

You can watch the rest of Parsons’ appearance below:

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