David Blaine must be some sort of trickster god to do these things YouTube/Screenshot @The Tonight Show
YouTube/Screenshot @The Tonight Show

David Blaine appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to show off a few tricks to promote his new special. showing an array of tricks to Jimmy Fallon and the “Tonight Show” house band, The Roots.

During his appearance, he showed off an array of tricks to Jimmy Fallon and the “Tonight Show” house band, The Roots.

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The tricks themselves are pretty standard misdirection-type affairs. He asked Fallon and The Roots to name numbers and take cards, each of them freaking out when Blaine managed to add cards to a hidden pile, or when he correctly guessed the entirety of Fallon’s hand, but the real coup de grâce, the pièces de résistance, is Blaine’s final trick.

Blaine is known for his amazing work in recreating older, lesser-known illusions and finding out ways to combine techniques understood to be dangerous or unhealthy to create amazing feats of mind-over-body – like the time he drank kerosene and water and put out a fire he started; or when he figured out how to hold his breath for 17 minutes.

“A hundred years ago there was a guy who turned his stomach into an aquarium, where he could store live creatures, and he could bring them up at will,” Blaine begins while bringing up a glass of water. “I mean if it were possible…”

David Blaine, in this instance, managed to turn his body into a living aquarium and regurgitates a live frog into a water glass before swallowing it again. As one Reddit user puts it:

“There was a time when this man would be burned at a stake…”

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