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Many Americans are wondering what’s in store for Hillary Clinton and her emails.

Your pressing questions regarding this scandal have been heard. Did she send classified information? Did she set up LeBron James to be hated by both Miami and Cleveland? Did she approve a United Nations-designed pantsuit that covered in flags from all over the world?

Thanks to the efforts of WikiLoox, we get an in-depth look of the former Secretary of State’s emails. WikiLoox is a satire of WikiLeaks and Anonymous, self-describing as an unaffiliated group of “cyber freedom fighters who comb the recesses of the deep Web to gain access to secret governmental documents.”

Compiling a four-year long list of Hillary Clinton’s lost emails during her time as Secretary of State, WikiLooks introduces their collection:

“You are about to read documents that the Untied States government does not want you to read. Enclosed in this dossier are e-mails to and from Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, sent and received through an account that ordinary people were never supposed to find out about.

This is the personal stuff. The shocking stuff.”

One such damning email is this exchange between Huma Abedin, long-time aide to Hillary Clinton and wife of former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner:

November 15, 2010


FROM: Huma Abedin


I’ve taken the Xbox away and the game as well.

Confidentially, the staff has become uncomfortable with how much time you were spending playing it. The sounds of explosions were distracting and upsetting, It also bothered people to have the Secretary of State yelling, “DIE! DIE! DIE, YOU NAZI SCUM,” especially when there were visitors in the bulding.

I can get you some Sudoku books if you like.


“The Deleted E-mails of Hillary Clinton” is on sale now.

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