This book promises to teach you how to make a “Good Profit”…only it isn’t all about money AP

The Koch brothers wrote a book!

Well Charles G. Koch did.

The chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. has decided to talk about having a principled and consistent company culture, with his newest book, “Good Profit.” It is this feature that Koch says helped the grandson of a Dutch immigrant and the son of a printer’s apprentice successfully oversee the second-largest private company.

According to the book, a principled culture contributes to “good profit:”

By “good profit,” I don’t mean high margins or high return on capital, or lots of profit by just any means. What I consider to be good profit comes from Principled Entrepreneurship – creating superior value for our customers while consuming fewer resources and always acting lawfully and with integrity. Good profit comes from making a contribution in society – not from corporate welfare or other ways of taking advantage of people.

A popular libertarian and advocate for a small government, civil liberties, and economic prosperity, Koch explains how studying classical economics helped him understand human nature, and the tools needed for a free society, or in the business world, an efficient company.

Follow along as Koch explains the ideas that inspired both a successful company and a fight for a freer society.

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