21-Year-Old Model Reveals She Makes Six Figures Working Three Hours a Day

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It’s good work if you can get it. But only if you think you can pull off a grueling 15-hour work week. That’s what Swiss model Ange Eb, 21, said she is willing to do. This while working a paltry three hours per day to rake in a six-figure income. No word on if she also has to put in a couple of hours on the weekend.

But don’t misunderstand. Eb isn’t making the money modeling. Instead, she works as a dropshipper, or someone who takes customer orders without having any of the inventory on hand. Instead, dropshippers take orders as a sort of a middleman (or woman), taking orders and then buying the products from a third party to fulfill the deal.

“I don’t hold the stock, so I don’t have an inventory,” Eb told Caters News, via the New York Post. “Ultimately I’m the person in between the customer buying the product and the supplier so I buy from suppliers, and I do the customer service part.”

All of it has allowed Eb to give back to her family in Cameroon.

Ange Eb Makes Six Figures Working Three Hours a Day

“When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a CEO, I just wanted to run something,” she said, via Caters News. “I started early, I was knocking on people’s doors offering babysitting services at 14, and then started making and selling lip balms at 16.”

So how did she come up with her current business model? With some old-school ingenuity, that’s how.

“I’m buying trending products from China and reselling them on my own website. I learned how to market and advertise myself,” she said. “It can be hard sometimes as you always have to find products to sell, but I love it. I made money without needing to leave my home, I couldn’t believe it.”

After convincing her parents that dropshipping was legit, Eb eventually hired her mother to assist.

“My parents had no idea what I was doing when I told them I sell products online, but once they saw the money coming in, they became more interested,” she said.

And yes, when you’re self-employed and making six figures, you can work from wherever you’d like. One time, Eb chose Bali, she said.

“I would say I’m addicted to making money,” she said. “When you work for someone else you always get the same salary, but when you’re self-employed, it’s all profit so you get addicted and make more money, so you work a lot more. You want to work all around the clock as the money is yours.”

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