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If you were tickled by Jim Halpert’s Jello-O stapler prank on Dwight from The Office, just know you can also execute a hilarious office prank. Funny office pranks are a classic. I worked at a car dealership back in high school, and sometimes a salesman would ask the new person to get the car lot extension.

I’ve had my fair share of practical jokes, like walking into AutoZone asking for a flux capacitor. Pranking office workers can honestly make the workday feel more at ease after a few good laughs from the entire office. If you need a few ideas, here are some of the best office pranks.

1. Talkie Toys Products That’s Bullshit Button

Talkie Toys Products That's Bullshit Button

Have someone in the office who needs to be called out for their ridiculous stories? Let them know you call bullshit. Phrases included are “Oh no you didn’t! That’s some bullshit!” and “Attention! The Bullshit meter has detected major BS. Confirmed! That’s definitely some bullshit!” It’s a good simple prank that doesn’t require a detailed setup or office supplies.


2. Advanced Play Remote Control Spider

Advanced Play Remote Control Spider

This office prank idea is perfect for the coworker who is terrified all of things that crawl. I am definitely this coworker! I am scared of all things that have more than 2 legs and slither. From roaches, spiders, snakes (babies), you name it. If it crawls, keep it away from me.

Place it on your coworker’s desk or office chair, or let it creep its way towards their cubicle. Use it for April fools’ day or for the prankster that needs a taste of their own medicine.

3. ThinkGeek Phantom Keystroker V2

ThinkGeek Phantom Keystroker V2

This “harmless flash drive” will have your coworker wondering why there are phrases being typed on their computer by itself. “I see what you are doing” would freak me out! In this day and age where most of us think our phones and computers are already listening because our social media ads, this would make a good prank.


You can set the duration for the pranks. Which is perfect, so when they ask people to witness what is going on, you can pause the prank until they’re busy again and keep the prank ongoing.

Even Karen from Human Resources would think these are funny.

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