4-Year-Old Climbed Into an Arcade Machine, Immediately Got Stuck

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A 4-year-old girl climbed into a stuffed animal claw machine at an arcade and immediately got stuck. Her mom took a video and the result is reminiscent of these cat memes. I’m laughing but also feeling like I might be going to Hell for it.

Poppy Climbed Into the Machine After Her Older Sisters Dared Her to Steal a Toy

Melanie Pike told 7NEWS Australia that her 4-year-old, Poppy, was dared by her older twin sisters. After they goaded her into climbing into the machine to steal some stuffed animals, she took the bait. Of course, the poor little girl didn’t realize the snafu she was getting herself into.

“The girls were playing outside and then my twin daughters ran inside and said, ‘Oh mom, Poppy’s stuck in the vending machine,’ ” said Pike. They were on vacation at an amusement park in Australia.

“I just started laughing,” the mom said. “My partner was very shocked.

Poppy’s face is priceless as she’s pressed against the window. However, Melanie Pike was chuckling, “Poppy, how are we going to get you out?” she asked.

Pike also said that the staff searched for an arcade machine key. But Poppy got lucky.

Melanie’s partner accordingly helped her 4-year-old figure her way out with little difficulty. It just took a little guidance.

“That’s why you don’t steal out of vending machines,” said Melanie Pike’s partner as Poppy was freed.

Turning to Poppy while talking to the news, her mother asked, “Have you learned your lesson, Poppy?”

“Yes,” Poppy responded.

“Are you going to steal anymore?”


2-Year-Old Ezra Got Stuck in an Arcade Machine, Needed Emergency Help

Not all children-in-vending-machine stories are quite as happy-go-lucky. A few years ago, a 2-year-old toddler named Ezra Ingersoll climbed into a toy claw arcade machine and got very stuck at a Pizzeria in Fairhope, Alabama.

“I had been checking on the kids every couple of minutes to make sure they were still playing nicely and all of a sudden, my daughter ran over to me and said Ezra was in the machine,” his mother Kelsey told the news. “It literally took him seconds!”

Ezra couldn’t get out because the door opened inwards. So, unlike Poppy, he was genuinely stuck.

Firefighters needed to be called in to open the top of the claw machine and help pull Ezra out. He was okay — and also, yes, he got his toy.

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