“41 Dad Jokes in 4 Minutes” will really appeal to your secret love for bad puns and dad humor YouTube/vlogbrothers

The Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green, a duo of YouTube stars who create hilarious videos, are both fathers. And when a man becomes a dad, his body secretes a chemical that makes it impossible for him not to make dad jokes.

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Hank Green, newly a father, has decided to lean in to his inevitable future, and created a video for the Vlogbrothers channel that has assembled an impressive number of dad jokes — and they’re hilarious.

“41 Dad Jokes in 4 Minutes! (with special guest star…)” has an escalating series of jokes that get more and more punny and odd as Hank Green keeps delivering them.

Probably the best of the video though, is when Green’s kid starts fussing and we get to see the cute baby.

“What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?”Green asks. “Anyone can roast beef.”

He’s very enthusiastic about the whole thing, so it’s good that he’s a dad – but you gotta feel bad for the kid, cause these jokes are pretty “dad”.

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