“50 Shades Darker” is the second film in the “50 Shades of Grey” series that took over the reading world a few years ago. However, the film has a lot of critics who say that it encourages sexual assault and that it’s just not well written–well those critics have never seen the film imagined with Christopher Walken as the lead character.

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Surprisingly, “50 Shades Darker” is expected to take a backseat to “Lego Batman.” Variety reported that the Lego film is expected to gross $60 million this week while “50 Shades” is only expected to bring in $40 million. While the unimpressive performance may have something to do with the writing or the stereotypes surrounding it, we think we know the real problem–Christopher Walken doesn’t even appear in the film. Not even a cameo! Thankfully, the guys over at Funny or Die have fixed that and given us the appropriately named “50 Shades of Walken.” And who wouldn’t dish out ten bucks to see the most recognizable voice alive seduce a young intern?

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